I have worked in digital one way or another for the last 7 years, working in Web Production, Media planning and now Optimisation and Growth.

I have a passion for improving user experience and ROI through data and experimentation. I believe that every organisation with the right volume of traffic to their digital platform(s), should have a deeply routed data driven testing culture (although this is not easy to achieve), to gather insights and drive decisions.

Throughout my career in digital I have been continually surprised at how quickly technology, techniques and best practices are evolving. It has become very clear to me that we are all just trying to find our way and figuring stuff out as we go. None of us have all the answers. Things we were unable to do a couple of years ago are now becoming part of our everyday working lives. For example, A/B testing on mobile native apps. This was inconceivable just a short time ago, but right now, at the time of writing this in 2016, we have tools at our disposal that bring us closer to the ease of testing on desktop.

The purpose of this site is to knowledge share and to document my own personal discovery. I hope you find it useful.